Terms and conditions


  • Recharging up to 1 times to the same number with the same nominal. This is to anticipate the case filling 2 times unintentionally.
  • KiosTopUp not responsible for errors due to the charging pulse input errors by the destination number
  • Deposit will be reduced after the request topup is done. Deposits will be added back if the topup process failed.
  • Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

  • (PM) = Pulsa Murah provided that the above mentioned provisions
    (REG) = Regular Price

Privacy and Security

  • Password consists of a minimum of 6 characters. Suggested using letters and numbers.
  • Do not tell anyone your password.
  • Users who lose HP / account KiosTopUp can contact us at cs@kios-topup.com to disable the account KiosTopUp. KiosTopUp not responsible for transactions that have occurred before the reporting is done.
  • Users are encouraged to not provide password information to others.
  • Users who lose a password can apply forgot password at the login menu. The password will be sent via email
  • KiosTopUp will not disclose user information (email and phone number) to any party.


  • Deposit on KiosTopUp application allows you to make topup transaction.
  • Users can add to the deposit by filing on the "Fill Deposit"
  • Deposit will be added if the user has to make payments.
  • Deposits will be added to the user's account at least 1x24 hours after payment is received.
  • Deposits which have been added could not be cashed.

Replacing Phone Number

  • Users who want to change the mobile phone number and user account information can contact cs@kios-topup.com.
  • KiosTopUp will send a confirmation e-mail the form to turn mobile phone number.
  • Substitution No. HP made after the KiosTopUp receive a confirmation email that is sent to the user.


  • Notifications that appear in applications is 10 the last notification
  • Request notification on a monthly basis can be done by sending a request to cs@kios-topup.com. Notifications will be sent via email or can be accessed on https://kiostopup.com


  • All forms of the refund process will be returned in the form of a deposit instead of cash.